I fished once again with Norm for salmon & trout today, but had a little tougher time than the last outing with only 4 fish coming to the net. We began around 9 o’clock, but never really got a bite until about eleven after trolling over all kinds of bait and fish marks. They didn’t want to eat! The weather was beautiful with sunshine and almost no wind at all. Water temps were ranging between 40 & 43 degrees in most areas, but I found almost 46 degrees in one particular area and worked it hard only to come up with one violent drive by. It wasn’t until we ventured off shore into 30 plus feet of water that we finally had a reel go off and it was game on! The deep line was the one to go and a chunky little salmon of almost 17 inches was soon in the net. There were lacerations and scratches along the sides of this fish that showed signs of an Osprey attack too. Oh well, I guess he got lucky at least once! Not long after the first rod went off, another one fired and it was the other deep line as well. A second salmon of over 17 inches was our reward this time and after quite a while of washing lures afterwards, we decided to relocate once more. It was definitely tough fishing today as we only managed to land one more salmon and a very nice brownie of over 3 pounds with 3 or 4 other drive byes as well. Overall, a slow day, but still a great day to be on the water! Air temps managed to make it all the way up to 62 degrees today and were definitely much warmer on land too.