What do you do on your day off? Go fishing of course and that I did! The weather was just too perfect to pass up so Christiane & I decided to hit the Lake for a few hours to see if we could repeat our trip a couple of days earlier. Unlike yesterday, the conditions were back to normal and the wind was almost non existent today. High humidity and overcast skies were what we were faced with along with air temps in the mid 70’s. We were planning on starting with a troll to see if the walleye were active and then moving on to smallmouth a little later. Well that never happened as the walleye were just on fire once more and we stayed on them the entire time. We caught fish from 2 pounds to over 5 pounds on a variety of baits along with smallies and some really big northerns of close to 10 pounds. The reels were firing like popcorn and fish were being reeled in every 5 minutes or so for several hours. Although we got a late start to the day by getting on the water just before 11:00, we made up for it between then and 4:00 P.M. when we got off. Days like this make the fishing seem just too easy and I’m glad that Christiane got to experience it several times during her vacation week. After this weekend, it’s back to work and reality for her, but she’ll have the memories and pictures to show to everyone once again!