I had a full boat today as Bram & Neil brought their sons, Alex & Jake along for an incredible day of fishing. The weather was a humid 70 degrees at the start and was going to climb into the 90’s by the end. Thankfully, we had a S/W wind of around 10 knots and this was really welcomed! Water temps were between 72 & 73 degrees where we were and the skies were bluebird clear. We were on the water and had the lines in shortly after 8:30 and it didn’t take long before we were locked up! With the weather looking like another scorcher, I was hoping for a quick morning bite and the fish came through. Alex was first up and he was into a northern right away with plenty of others to follow. Alex countered with a nice walleye of around 3 pounds before both dads got into more & bigger northerns. I’m not sure what round it was but Alex eventually took the rod with a beautiful 5 pound walleye attached to the lure that fell off in the net immediately after I scooped her up. Lucky guy! He was on fire with all the fish and it seemed like he was getting most of the larger ones as well. Jake on the other hand decided to hit the sack after a long night and forfeited most of his rounds at bat. In the first couple of hours there were plenty of decent to large sized northerns and several mid sized walleye brought aboard before Alex hooked up with another biggun. When I finally caught a glimpse of the fish I realized that it wasn’t a pike like I had thought but rather, a pretty big walleye. As luck would have it, this one too fell off in the net as we watched the hooks fly out. I had to weigh his catch and was not surprised that it held right at 7 pounds on the scale. What a trophy for this lake at this time of year! After a few quick pics it too was released to swim where she belonged. No sense killing the large ones and there wasn’t any hesitation to release her. We kept trolling for a few more hours all the while catching pike and walleye but it was getting tougher. The sun was really up now and the fish weren’t cooperating like before so we decided to relocate for the remainder of the day. Alex had wanted to try casting and it was the right choice. After a quick dip for most of them in the middle of the lake, I headed to another area a little further away to try for some smallmouth. Well, it didn’t take long here either to have a confirmation that it was the right decision. Immediately, Bram was into one on a spinnerbait that had everyone pumped. In the next couple of hours there were shots at around 20 bass ranging from 2 to 4 pounds on a variety of lures and plenty were caught. Everyone was hooking up and this was a great way to finish off the already fantastic day on the water. We called it around 4 and headed back completely satisfied on the results for the day. Alex had managed a grand slam and if it weren’t for the largemouth bass of over 4 pounds that just came off at the net, he would have had a home run to add to the equation too! Oh well, crap happens! All in all a really great day to take your kids out and have the experience of their lives, even if one of them did sleep through most of it!!