I hit the water early this morning with Alain & Cindy, trolling for pike & walleye. They wanted to get a couple of walleye for dinner and catch a bunch of fish so a troll was definitely the best way to go. We had a wind blowing out of the SW at 10 knots or so causing a pretty good chop when we started, but eventually we were able to find calmer seas to fish in. Although sunshine was present all day, the cool morning air had us dressing up more than I had done in over a week. The humidity had fallen and the upper 60 degree temps this morning actually felt cool for a change. I had also noticed that the water level had gone up considerably since yesterday and this also made it interesting. I set the lines in an area that I hadn’t fished this season to try & see if the fish were relating to the same type of stuff that I had been doing well in lately and it didn’t take long to find out. Cindy had the first of many fish locked up and reeled in a northern of around 4 pounds. After many other pike, Cindy finally hooked up on a nice walleye of over 3.5 pounds and confirmation of their presence was definite. We continued to troll, catching more pike and an occasional walleye all the while covering the water. I had noticed a really big color line and decided to try the cleaner water to see if we could find more active fish there. Although there were a few, they were pike and we decided to hit the dirtier water once again. Immediately after we were in it, one of the reels fired again and another 3 pound walleye came aboard. We were to get into 4 more of them and lose a few others on the way in before we decided to switch areas and try for another species of fish. We casted lures and soft plastics for a while and caught a bunch of smallies up to 4 pounds in the last couple of hours of the day before we called it quits. Unfortunately there were no pics of anything today as it seemed that everyone was just camera shy. There were definitely worthwhile fish for a “Kodak Moment! We released all but two smaller eyes of 2 pounds for them to try for dinner and headed back to the ramp to take out. It was a day full of action as they boated fish from all over the lake with many different techniques and had a blast!!