Richard joined me today with his two sons, Max & Josh for another incredible multi species outing. We hooked up around 7:00 A.M. and hit the water shortly after with high expectations. Although it was still early, the air temps were already in the 70’s and with high humidity felt even hotter. Skies were free of clouds and I knew it was going to be another scorcher! Thankfully, we at least had a breeze of 5 to 10 knots from the S/W and that was a blessing. Upon arriving in our first location, I don’t think it was one minute after the lines were in the water that Max was locked up and into the first of many fish to come. He landed a nice pike of around 6 or 7 pounds and a few pics were taken before the release. Josh was up next and this time he landed a walleye of at least 5 pounds. Another rod fired while we were getting ready to take more pics and Max began battling a rather large northern of over 7 pounds at the same time. I was having a hard time keeping the lines in the water and that’s not a bad thing! After several more pics we released the two fish and continued to troll again. It wasn’t very long in between the fish when we started as maybe 4 or 5 minutes lapsed without hearing the reels fire. We did have several drive byes in the beginning and I really hate that! We trolled for a couple of hours all the while catching pike & walleye and then Josh started to reel in what I thought was just another pike. As it neared the boat, I realized that it was actually a walleye and a really big one too! I slid the net under what was to be one of the largest walleye of the day at close to 7 pounds. More pics and another successful release! The kids were getting bored of catching fish and wanted to go casting somewhere else for another species so I reluctantly packed it up and went for bass. The largemouth bite wasn’t too good where we were so I decided to take a run and go for smallies instead. We managed to get into plenty of smaller bass in this area in the next couple of hours, but nothing big. Josh actually caught the largest one around 3 pounds all on his own and that was just one of the many highlights of this day. Believe it or not, they asked if they could go back trolling because this was too much work and we headed back to where we began our day. By now the boat traffic was insane and so were the above 90 degree air temps that we had, but the run felt great. Once again, the rods began to fire almost immediately and within the first 5 minutes we had landed two walleye and a pike. I had removed one of the other rods while Max was fighting the first fish and if it weren’t for that, we probably would have had fish on all four. As with earlier in the day, these fish were active and Josh brought in another 5 pound walleye along with his brother’s 7 pound northern. Five minutes later the brothers had another fire drill and landed a couple more beautiful walleye with the largest going over 6 pounds this time. This made for a nice double shot as Richard held the two of them up for the pic. Max definitely had the big fish of the day though as he battled a 34 inch northern to the net that went around 10 pounds. I actually lost count of all of the fish caught today but I do know that there were plenty landed by both of the kids. Richard also managed to get a bunch of the fish too, but the day was for his boys and they had a blast! We decided that we would leave after just one more fish and Josh kindly gave it up to his brother Max. What we didn’t see coming was the double header that actually ended the day and both of them got to land another pike each instead. Now that’s the way to end the day!!