Norm was back for another round of beat on the bass today, or so he thought! We hooked up and were on the water before 8:30 and well on our way to a great day of bass fishing. What we didn’t anticipate was the lethargic and negative nature of these creatures and just how they were affected by the weather. We began in cloud & sunshine and high humidity. Air temps were in the 70’s and expected to reach into the 90’s by the time it hit afternoon. We started where we had left off last week when Norm had brought Buddha along and expected to get more of those giant smallies. To say it was tough would have been the understatement of the day. It was torture! Oh they were there, just not interested in anything we threw at them. We did manage to get a few of the smaller ones up to 3 pounds to take some of our offerings, but the big ones just cruised us by. I had about enough of this torture, so I decided to change locations and see if we might do better somewhere else. Well, it didn’t get much better with us seeing more smallies but Norm managed to get into one on the fly and that was worth the move all together. Unfortunately, this was the only bass stupid enough to eat and we just kept moving again to more areas with pretty much the same results. Everywhere we went there were fish, just not active ones and it was getting really old. Eventually in the later part of the afternoon, we actually stumbled onto activity and Norm was pounded by a good one on the spinner bait he was throwing. I thought that after this 4 pounder, it was going to come alive but I was wrong! We did get plenty of followers and several attacks on tubes and blades but not the numbers we had anticipated. It was really frustrating looking at all the bass in the areas we were but only some of them were hitting. I’ve never seen this before where some of them attacked like it was their last meal and others just ignored the lures all together. Hopefully, I won’t have to see this again! By covering plenty of water we were at least able to get some hits with the largest ones going 4.5 pounds at best. By 5:00 we had just about enough with the fish and high humidity so we decided to pack it in. Not the best day Norm has had on the water, but at least he managed to hook several bass instead of watching others catch them on WFN!!!!