Another no show on Tuesday had me taking care of things at home instead of being where I wanted to be, on the water once again. Today however, I was back out with Jay and his two nephews, Shane & Devin looking to get them into plenty of fish. I hadn’t seen them in a few years and they had really grown since we were out last with their father. The weather was a mish mash of terrible, with winds starting out from the S/W at 15 t0 20 knots and closer to 30 knot gusts. The skies were heavily clouded and most of them were gray & black rain clouds too! Although we never really got rained on, the run on the lake was a little splashy due to the direction I had to take and some rain fell upwards instead. I was glad I had chosen the rain gear! We began by trolling in an area and after about 35 minutes in the waves without any success, transferred locations in hopes of better results. Once more I criss crossed the wave direction in order to get to where we were headed, causing more upward splashes and wetness. I hadn’t had the lines in the water 5 minutes when a reel fired and Devin was officially into the first northern of the day. Although it wasn’t a very big one, it was still nice to see the fish were here! Trolling into the wind & waves was quite challenging to say the least as boat control wasn’t easy! Although the down wind troll was easier, it wasn’t as productive, as we had more hits from the opposite direction. The bites weren’t fast & furious like I was accustomed to but we were able to pick at them alright in the next couple of hours, catching a bunch of pike and a few walleye. One of the northerns acted like a really big walleye when Shane let him dive down into the weeds during the fight. He had a tough time getting the fish to the boat and although the pike was in the 8 pound class, there were 10 pounds of weeds along for the ride! This fish never really fought after the burial, it just gave up and was dragged all the way in. Devin managed to get into another big one a little later and showed his brother how to do it when he brought the fish back in record time. This was another quality northern and very worthy of a picture, but I was forced to hold it for him when he refused to stick his hand into the gills for the pic. We continued to troll through this area all the while hoping for a better walleye bite without any real success. To make matters worse, the bite totally died when the winds went west and then N/W blowing even stronger. Usually when you get a wind change the bite gets really hot but not when it turns into a northward blow as we found out. I thought we would make another run and switch it up completely, going for smallies instead. Once at the new location, we were into them almost immediately as Devin got slammed on a blade right at the side of the boat. This was the start of the smallmouth bite as everyone managed to get into them on a variety of presentations. The crank-bait that Jay was throwing turned really hot when we got over some shallower rocks and he started to just pound them. Both the boys had slacked off a bit and their uncle was monopolizing on their lack of catching by reeling in one after the other! Devin did hook up on a big one but it turned out to be the wrong species for this area as I unhooked a 6 pound pike for him after the fight. As we slid along this area, there wasn’t any one better lure than the other, with everyone catching on whatever they were throwing. I wanted to try another spot, but I have a hard time leaving fish when fish are biting, so we settled in and just kept fishing this one a little longer. We cut the day slightly shorter than I am use to when Jay mentioned that everyone had to be somewhere by a certain time and ran back to the ramp around 4:30. Considering the changes that we had in weather, I think that we fended quite well all around. We had 3 wind directions, a drop in temperature through the day and clouds with bright sunshine later on in the day. I don’t know who was more confused, the fish or the fishermen! Overall it was still a great day with many, many fish landed by all!!