Well, I definitely had a full boat today as Andre brought a couple of guys to replace Jim who was originally scheduled to come with him. Al and Bernard (AKA Bucket) were to experience just what the fall smallmouth were all about. It was quite frosty this morning as the temps were somewhere around 30 degrees when we began. A high of 50 was forecasted along with clear skies & sunshine and they were pumped. Winds were light and out of the NE at less than 5 knots for most of the day allowing us to fish in comfort. The water temps had dropped slightly and were now holding around 48.5 degrees causing us to slow down even more. Andre locked up first and brought in what turned out to be his best fish of the day at 4.5 pounds. Bucket was having a tougher time, being the least experienced and watched as Al started hooking fish frequently. Eventually they all were getting into bass of various sizes and all was good. We held in the first spot for a while all the time having someone locked up every five minutes or so. Unfortunately they weren’t the size I was expecting and a relocation was needed in order to find the bigger ones. It was in this area that Bucket managed to get his personal best of the day and another 4.5 pound smallie was brought to net. Although everyone was getting into fish, it was Al that was putting on a clinic and motoring over the others with many more bass. In each and every spot we stopped there were fish landed but mostly just average in size. Each of them had caught smallies over 4 pounds but there were more bass in the 2 to 3 pound range. By 4 o’clock we were ready to head back and unanimously, we packed it in. It had been a beautiful fall day on the water and everyone had caught their fair share of fish. Who could ask for more? I just hope the weather holds out a little longer as I’m not ready to call it quits for the season. There’s too many fish and way too little time to do it in. At this time of year I have the option to fish for steelhead, walleye as well as smallmouth bass. What a dilemma to be faced with!!