Well today was a real treat as Tim was back but this time Mike tagged along just to show us how it was done. We began the day in cooler conditions than yesterday and a 10 knot wind from the north. Cloud cover was present all day despite the weather forecast of sunny skies! Air temps only made it up to around 46 degrees and the water was warmer at 47.5. First drift through an area, Mike was locked up and soon landed a beautiful walleye of 4 pounds or better. Looks like he’s caught his dinner for tonight! With the contradicting winds and current I decided to do some casting after only one fish was caught while drifting through. This is where Mike put on a clinic for us as he just pounded them for over an hour. We managed to catch a few of our own but Mike was definitely on fire as he seemed to be locked up on almost every cast. After a painful demonstration of how it was supposed to be done, we relocated to another area nearby and Tim locked up almost instantly. Another beautiful, clone walleye was also brought to net and I thought we were going to crush them once again. Unfortunately, the winds had almost died completely and with them, the bite. Now the bass were acting a little different and bites were more difficult to detect as they were just barely tapping baits. You really had to be on your game to detect some of the hits as it just felt like a weed when they picked up. We moved all over for the rest of the day all the while picking a few fish here & there. As it neared closer to 4 o’clock we were ready to pack it in and roll out of there. Mike’s fishing skills really shined today as he managed to school both of us on this not so perfect day. We had to contend with all sorts of conditions and adjust several times in order to continue to be on fish. Hopefully tomorrow will bring sunshine and a different attitude from the bass as we’ll be back for more smallie action. I think I’ll take the points off of Mike’s hooks this time in order to level the playing field allowing us all an equal chance!!