Mike & his son Ryan joined me on this beautiful, crisp fall day for another crack at some big smallies. I hadn’t realized that it was actually Friday the 13th but we weren’t too worried as the fish didn’t know either! It was a little colder than I wanted when we arrived but that was suppose to change during the day with a high of 50 degrees expected. Winds were out of the NE at around 10 knots making the 32 degree air feel more like 22 as we headed out. Fortunately we had sunshine and that took some of the bitterness away while we fished. Water temps had dropped once again and were now below 48 degrees. It may have taken them a little longer to hook up than I am accustomed to but once it began, they never looked back. Mike had started the ball rolling with a few smaller than usual bass, so I shifted locations quickly to try & find bigger & better. I realized that we would have to fish deeper water if we were to find some of the quality ones and worked slowly in those areas. Apparently it was the right decision as Ryan confirmed it immediately with a few bass of almost 4 pounds. His father wasn’t going to let him get away with that so he countered with one of his own that topped the scales at over 4.5 pounds. These fish were really sluggish and every bite was extremely subtle. By keeping the line tight we were able to feel the pick ups but they weren’t easy to detect. Many of them were picking up the baits and dropping them before you were able to set the hook leaving us just swinging at air. Ryan locked onto a real good one in the afternoon that had us believing he finally had one of those giants, only to be disappointed to see that it was actually a northern pike of around 8 pounds. There were many other bass slightly smaller in size landed throughout the afternoon but none of them were over 4 pounds, leaving us somewhat let down. Oh we caught fish all day long, just not the caliber that we had hoped for and by 4 o’clock we called it a day. When that sun goes down it really gets chilly and we had already done chilly all day long! Both Ryan & his dad were looking foreword to the heater in the truck and a relaxing drive back home, so we headed back to the ramp. There may not have been any of those bruisers today but there were definitely plenty of bass to keep all parties entertained on this magnificent, fall fishing day!!