Well, Tim & I were back on the water again today but this time without Mike. The weatherman forecasted a sunny day with highs near 50 degrees and we were really looking foreword to seeing it. We drove through an intense fog to get to the launch area and I wasn’t even sure that I would be able to get out. With the aid of GPS we managed to go slowly through the fog taking care not to hit anything. The air was so cold at 34 degrees with all the dampness that the 47 degree water temps were creating a thick fog bank and it felt more like London. With no wind at all I knew we would be having this for quite some time. It didn’t take long for us to hook up once we arrived but it was a really eerie feeling not being able to see anything in any direction. Several smaller bass up to 3 pounds or so were taken in the first few hours but nothing much bigger was even seen. We carefully moved around all the while searching for bigger bites but were still only getting them in the same size range. With the dampness in the air the fog didn’t seem like it was ever going to leave us and it didn’t! We were stuck in this soup bowl the entire fishing day and the air temps never exceeded 38 degrees. Although many bass were caught we were never really able to find anything larger than maybe 4 pounds but considering the conditions, we were satisfied. It was like fishing at dusk for the entire outing and by 3:30 we were contemplating calling it quits. Fortunately by now the fog had opened up just enough to be able to run safely but it was still present. We caught a few more bass in the last 15 minutes or so and then headed back. I didn’t want to be on the water any longer than necessary and definitely didn’t want to leave in the dark. The fog was beginning to gather a little more with the day’s end nearing and another hour would have had us not only in the dark but also fogged in once again. Considering the conditions, we fended fairly well and had plenty of action throughout the day. I still want to know where the weatherman got his forecast from though!!