Well day two was even better than the first with many bass and some big ones too! We began in the sun and never lost sight of it all day. Light wind from the SW allowed a beautiful drift whenever we chose to fish that way and he air temps were just incredible for a November day. I think it warmed up to over 50 degrees and even the water temps climbed slightly. You just know the day is going in the right direction when an almost 5 pounder gets landed on your first cast! Craig couldn’t believe his luck when he set the hook and nothing moved in the current. After a few quick pics she was free to go back to where she came from and we were pumped. Herm was having a difficult time this morning but Craig was on fire. He was just pounding them on almost every cast. Although they weren’t all big ones, they were still a thrill in the fast water. Along with this beautiful day there was also a lot of boat traffic and we had to pick & choose where we wanted to fish based on the availability. As with each day lately, we caught fish everywhere we stopped and some real good ones too. Craig had the lunker of the day when he boated a fish of 20 inches. This thing was also almost 17 inches in length and a real football. Several pics were taken before releasing her back as well and Craig was in his glory. Both of them were now into fish and many of them were over 3 pounds and fighting like champs with the aid of fast water. Although there were a few slow periods throughout the day, there were still a lot of active periods as well and we just couldn’t believe this weather. After having fished in hurricanes, heavy rains and freezing temps recently, this was a real treat. It almost felt like Florida! We fished till about 4:15 and decided to end the day on a high with a few more smallies. I’m not sure how many fish were caught today but the weather will be what everyone will remember most. It’s been at least 3 years since I’ve seen temperatures like this in the month of November and I can’t wait for more. I know it can switch overnight instantly, but I’m going to take advantage of it as long as I can. You might say that Herm & Craig hit this trip right on the head without the violent weather conditions they usually bring. I guess they aren’t that unlucky after all! I know they will be going home fully satiated after this one and remembering it for quite some time!!!!