Well, Darren joined me today for what could possibly have been the last outing of the season. The weather was unbelievable for December as we had mostly sun and temps around 40 degrees. Winds were out of the SW at around 10 knots and the surface water was around 45 degrees as well. If you thought the fish were lethargic before you should have been there today! The bites weren’t anything more than a perch nibble and they only tapped the jigs once. If you weren’t literally dead-sticking the baits and shaking them in place, you didn’t get bit. I never really found the mother load today but each spot I fished held some sort of concentration and most of them were big. The largest bass of the day was an almost 6 pounder and the largest walleye was a 28.5 inch monster. There weren’t huge numbers of fish caught but they were slightly bigger than what I had seen recently. We stuck it out till around four o’clock and decided to call it a day, with our light going fast. It’s not too often that we’re able to fish open water from a boat at this time of the year and I wanted to milk it until the end. I don’t think Darren has ever been out this late and who knows when the next time might be! I may try for one more attempt before I store the boat, but who can say. All in all it was a good day to be on the water and an excellent year. I can’t wait until next season!!