Ward was joining me today all the way from Phoenix for some incredible smallmouth bass action. We dropped the boat in shortly after 7:00 A.M in terrible conditions. The skies were black & gray and pouring down on us as we headed out on the lake. Fortunately the winds were practically non existent at least and that was a real plus. Water temps still remained at just below 75 degrees as I set the lines and waited for a rip. Floating vegetation would be our biggest problem this morning as I was back to cleaning the rods on a frequent basis. We did this for about an hour or so with only a half dozen walleye and a couple of northerns to show for our efforts and decided to try casting for smallies. I guess it was the right decision, as they were there! Unfortunately the fish weren’t very aggressive and unwilling to hit reaction baits that he was throwing. They were however taking soft plastics slowly presented and it didn’t take long to make the adjustment. The first fish however was another walleye on a senko that fell off right next to the boat, before we began getting into the bass. Finally, game on! Dark skies had made it difficult to see exactly what we were throwing to but the bass were biting. Tubes and senko’s were the baits of choice and both were working as Ward was in his glory catching these powerful fish. He even landed a few more walleye and accidently tied into a huge sturgeon that had me following the dinosaur al over for about 10 minutes. I was surprised to finally grab it by the tail and actually bring it aboard for a couple of picks. It was a long, skinny one that probably weighed close to 25 pounds and back it went to the bottom afterwards. Plenty of decent bass up to almost 4 pounds were landed by Ward in this area before we relocated again to another fish infested section of the lake. Air temps were falling with a slight north wind starting and rain was imminent as we pressed on. It took a little longer here for me to locate the schooling fish but once I did, it was another fiesta. We picked at them for quite a while as the winds blew and boat positioning was insane. I was angling in the current flows and all twisted just to keep the boat in position. It was working though and that was all that mattered as Ward kept getting into fish of all sizes. He did manage to get a few good ones that topped that scales at almost 4 pounds again and they fought like the champs they were. I thought I would try for isolated bass in other areas and jumped around to different spots looking for that real trophy. It wasn’t to happen and he had to settle with more bass in the 2.5 to 4 pound range for the remainder of the day. Oh yeah, he even locked up with another sturgeon that we were both glad the hooks came out of. Neither of us wanted to chase the beast around again! By 5 o’clock we had enough as the sun had been beaming for over an hour and it was starting to get hot again. This day was a real treat for Ward as he usually fishes for largemouth bass and smallies are so much more fun to battle. He’s in town for the remainder of this week and plans are already in motion for another day by mid week. Hopefully he can organize his schedule and enjoy another phenomenal day battling those brown bass once again. My fingers are crossed!!