Andrew & his son Alex joined me today on the first of many windy days on the water for some bass & walleye action. We launched on a local lake at 7:30 in hopes of fishing through the morning before the hurricane winds began. As usual though, the weather man was wrong once again! They had predicted a 10 to 15 knot wind from the SW in the morning and double that for the afternoon, so we took advantage on the big lake early. I don’t think we made it past 45 minutes before I was calling it and headed back to the ramp for a relocation. Although we had managed to land a couple of nice bass and lose a few more, it wasn’t easy to hold or even detect the bites in this wind. We had to get off before it got even worse and ran back in 3 to 4 footers. Thee next location at least had more current and was somewhat protected by the intense winds and felt like a whole new world. Or so I thought! We started fishing in an area that I knew held plenty of decent bass and then the gusts began. Boat control was once more a treat and every time someone hooked up, we drifted off the spot. At least there weren’t any real big rollers, just a high wind that kept pushing us around while they fished. I’m not quite sure how many fish came in the boat here but I think it was at least 15 or more before they just stopped biting all together. Time to move and off to the next area we went. By now the winds had increased to close to 25 knots and this was causing us a little more trouble than I had anticipated. Presenting the jigs properly was becoming a difficult task and in order to just feel the bottom, I had to increase their weight. By doing this though, they were caught in the bottom more than I wanted and we changed places once again. Between shifting areas and running from the nasty skies and rain, it seemed like all we did was move! I was really beginning to get frustrated, knowing that the bass were there but we just couldn’t get the baits in front of them to eat. Every place I thought we would be sheltered, it turned out we weren’t! The winds shifted 3 or 4 times during the day and went W to SW to W/NW & back to W once more before we just called it completely. It was now past 3 o’clock and no mater where we went it wasn’t easy. Chock another one up for “Mother Nature”, as she wins again! The had caught a bunch of fish under adverse conditions and overcame a skunk, so at least that accounts for something!