Hugues & Gilbert were joining me today on a local body of water looking for some smallmouth bass action. We met up around eight and were on the water not long after. Overcast skies were going to be with us and I don’t think we saw the sun all day. Temps were in the low 40’s with winds blowing west at 5 to 10 knots as a light rain fell. We arrived on the first location and they started casting jigs hoping for a quick bite. After many unsuccessful attempts at finding a fish I needed to cast & see if they were actually there. The first cast yielded a chunky 3 pounder and a confirmation as well. On the third cast I nailed another about the same size and I was sure they were stacked! I think that Hugues & Gilbert were having a hard time feeling the bottom and not staying in the strike zone. Once they slowed down & started snagging up, they also began hooking up as well. From the moment the first fish came aboard they knew what to look for and fish were coming in on a regular basis. We mixed it up between casting and drifting but they were more successful at the drift & drag. Unfortunately, they were also more successful at snagging up as well and spent plenty of time in the rocks. At this time of the year you need to be right in the fish’s face and getting hung up is all part of the game! We covered plenty of water looking for numbers of bass and found a few areas that were holding them pretty good. By drifting along the current breaks we were able to monopolize on the volume of fish and there were a few double headers when we got into the zone. Later in the afternoon we slowed down in an area that had been producing and casted to a small break. I think the guys pulled a half dozen nice fish from the spot with the largest going over 4 pounds. Gilbert took away the big fish of the day from Hugues earlier 4 pounder and now had the bragging rights. The day ended with both of them really close but Hugues managed a couple more than Gilbert and he had the numbers. Overall, it was a pleasant day despite the off & on rain and wind shifts to the north and they caught a load of fish. What a great way to end the year for those two as I’m sure they will remember this day for at least 6 months until they’re back out in the spring for trout & salmon. Gotta love the fall bite!!