I finally had a day off so I took advantage of it and went fishing! Mike & I took a road trip to another lake up north looking for the big bruisers. Due to the cold morning air we took our time and arrived somewhere around 10:30 with the sun up warming the chilly air. Temps were in the low 40’s but did climb into the 50’s as the day passed. Water temps were similar to lakes back home and hovering around 58 degrees in most areas of the lake. I took my time rigging my rods as Mike started casting the area we began in. It wasn’t long and he had one on but not the bass we were searching for. This lake also has a good population of Muskie and one had just eaten his tube! A quick unhooking and back it went, all of 37 inches and mean. When I finally was ready I don’t think I had casted more than a couple of times and I too was tight to a heavy fish. It dogged like a lunge and I was totally surprised to see that it wasn’t, but it was a giant smallie. This pumpkin wasn’t only fat but long as well and weighed over 6 pounds when we put it on the scale. Wow, my first 6 of the season and I had to do it on a remote lake up north! We live welled the fish for later pics and continued casting along the breakline when I nailed another heavy one soon after. This too was a smallie but only in the high four pound range! Offshore on a nice hump we managed to get into a couple more bruisers and these ones were above 5 pounds as well. What this lake lacks in volume it more than makes up for in size! As with before, we also hit a few Muskie on the bump and managed to land a couple of them too. We also got bit off by others and I knew there were more lunge than bass here & decided to move elsewhere. We pretty much covered all the better areas throughout the day and totaled out with 5 lunge and 4 smallies with more being lost too. The way the lunge were hitting I think we would have been able to have a 20 or 30 fish day had we chosen to solely fish for these creatures instead. All in all a very relaxing day full of entertainment as Mike filmed it from a new hat cam. I can’t wait to see this dog & pony show and relive the insanity that we provided for each other. Great day on the lake!!