I was back on the lake once again today, with Richard and his son Josh, for more smallmouth action. We met at the ramp around 7:30 and headed out shortly after in pursuit of the bass. My first thoughts were to hit an area that had produced great the day before and let them get into numbers. There was a light chop on the water as we raced towards our first spot with great expectations. At 8:00 the air temps felt a little chilly, but I knew we were headed for another scorcher as they were going to rise into the mid 80’s by days end. Sunny skies and an occasional cloudy period would be expected, according to the weather reports, but you know how that goes! I set them up with spinnerbaits hoping for a quick bite and wasn’t disappointed. Josh unleashed the lure, letting it fly like a veteran angler and began cranking when it just stopped. He locked up to a decent 3 pound smallie while his father was still getting ready! Usually it’s not a good thing to catch a fish on your first cast but that doesn’t apply at his age. It’s the kid factor rule! He managed to get another one soon after and then his dad got in the game as well. We hung in here for a while catching a bunch more then hooked into a big fish that definitely didn’t feel like any bass. As it turned out, it was a sturgeon and Richard was happy to fight his very first dinosaur. While slowly dragging a tube jig, the fish had sucked it in and was now pinned to 10 pound line and a lengthy battle was in progress. I was eventually able to grab the tail and lift the thing aboard for a few pics. At under 10 pounds it was a rather small one but nonetheless a sturgeon! Now Richard had another fish species to add to his list. We hung in here for a little longer catching a few more smallmouth and then headed to another area not too far away for more smallie action. With absolutely no wind, it felt like the current had been shut off and the fishing got a little tougher. Now we had to work for each and every bite and slow was the only way to get bit. Senkos and more tubes had to be almost dead sticked in order for the fish to show any interest at all. A few more smallies were taken before another heavy fish was felt on the tube and ironically another sturgeon was on. This one however had the jig in the side of its head and this made it much more difficult to land. Eventually I was able to grab it once again and Richard now had another one even larger than his first. It would have gone somewhere around 15 pounds or so and just as prehistoric looking as the first. Another couple of pics and back the beast went. We stayed on this area a little longer then decided to try trolling a little as Josh just wanted to drive the boat. It was just as tough to get bit here as everywhere else due to the high heat & humidity and lack of wind under bluebird skies but we managed a few takers. Several pike later one of the rods went off and simultaneously another reel also started to scream as well. We were into a double and they were both walleye. Josh had landed one about 3 pounds and his dad one other slightly smaller. Into the livewell they went for their dinner tonight. By now it was getting on and the heat was starting to get unbearable so we decided to try another area just so we could get the breeze. I thought I would try and finish off a limit for them and immediately went to work setting the rods. The first reel to go off was a board line and soon after another walleye was joining his friends in the well. In the next 45 minutes we managed to finish out the limit and threw back a few smaller ones as well. It was almost 5 o’clock and really unbearable by now so we all decided to pack it in and head back. Plenty of other boats were on the water today and with all the sunshine it was almost as bad as last weeks holiday weekend fiasco. I was glad to get off the lake and all the rollers from every direction from other boats and head home to the air. Without the wind the 85 degree temps made it feel more like 100 and I was drained. Overall a much tougher day on the water but plenty of fish were landed making it a good one!!