The second morning looked like a carbon copy of the first as I rolled out to meet John & Gerry at the hotel. We were going to have similar conditions for at least part of the day and I hoped to see a little sunshine by afternoon. The winds had diminished slightly but were still blowing from the wrong direction and N/E at 10 to 15 was what we had. I decided to head to the same area that had given up quality bites the day before and wasn’t disappointed. Almost immediately, John had four shots at smallies in as many casts. Unfortunately only one of them was an honest hit and the other three were pushes. By throwing a spinnerbait at them we were able to get a feel for what they were doing and I made a decision to switch up lures instantly. When bass start pushing the baits like they did it’s usually an indication that they don’t want the blades at all. By adjusting to tubes they were now hooking some good bass and the game was on! In a couple of hours they had many chances as both of them received numerous hits. Although they only landed about 50%, they were still elated with the size & strength of these bronzebacks. When the hits stopped coming, we made a shift to another area a little further up the lake. It was here that I realized that not all the fish were in deep water and a shallow bite was in play. As with before though, I had them tossing jigs and crawling the baits ever so slowly. Although most of the bass were a little smaller, there were still some in the 3 to 4 pound range mixed in. Gerry even managed to hook into his very first sturgeon ever and landed it soon after. Being from the south, he was accustomed to fishing huge channel cats and this prehistoric beast fought just like one of them. Eventually the sun did show and we were able to see just what we were throwing at, making every cast directly at specific targets. Many more fish were hooked and most of them were actually landed bringing the numbers way up, unlike the day before. Even a couple more sturgeon were hooked into but unfortunately not landed. I think they were being foul hooked just by the way they reacted! It was definitely nice to see the sunshine and clothing was being shed for the first time in a long while. I had found some fish in water as shallow as one foot, but the larger ones were still in 4 to 8 feet along rocks & weeds. Even as shallow as they were, we still couldn’t manage to get bit on anything other than the tubes. I tried spinnerbaits and jerkbaits several times and never moved a thing. Since the introduction of Goby Minnows, the bottom bite has been the ticket to getting bigger and more bites! I had one other area I wanted to try before we headed off the water and made a long run to see if the fish were active and on, over there. Somewhere along the way, we lost the sunshine and were back in the clouds once again making visibility a thing of the past. Fortunately, the fish didn’t seem to mind and I was able to put them on more acrobatic smallies, once again. We fished the area for about an hour or so and then called it a day. This was a little more comfortable fishing day than the previous one and similar results had been made. Overall it was a great one and they can’t wait to get back out again tomorrow!!