Tracey was in from the states on vacation and thought he’d like to fish for half the day. We hooked up at the lake about 7 and proceeded to our first location. Winds were out of the NW at 5 to 10 knots and this felt great. What I didn’t like however was all the floating weeds in the area I wanted to troll. Along with the usual junk, there were giant floating mats of vegetation all over the place. Several times they choked the rods so bad that I thought they were going to break! This was really making the troll difficult as I just couldn’t seem to keep the rods clean. I never knew whether or not the lures were fouled and this posed a problem. In the couple of hours we trolled, we did manage to land a few walleye and a couple of smallies but it just didn’t seem like it was going to happen. I pulled out and headed to a spot to cast for smallies instead! Along the way I thought I would check a place that I hadn’t fished in over three weeks, just to see if they were there. Well let’s just say that this was the last area we had to fish! Immediately after arriving, Tracey was ploughed into on the spinnerbait. As soon as this football took to the air, the lure went the other way and I had my confirmation! They were here and untouched. It was going to be a crap shoot as he slowly fished around, looking for more. I think he was a little excited as he backlashed the reel on one of his casts causing me to switch up rods. He was now throwing one of the trolling rods but managing quite well. First cast, locked up! Second cast, the same thing and he was in smallmouth heaven. I attempted to untangle the reel and almost gave up as he kept hooking more smallies on almost every other cast. It finally occurred to me that they were active and I should just focus on holding him in position instead. There’s nothing better than getting slammed by a smallie whiling chucking blades. They’re just so rude! I knew that eventually he’d educate them and we’d have to slow down and finesse the remaining ones, if we were going to stay. Tubes and senkos were thrown for a while and we continued to pick at them real good. As with all small areas and pressured fish, eventually they just shut down completely. I had him throw a jerkbait for several casts and fortunately he managed to land another big smallie over 4 pounds before we pulled the plug. I thought I’d change it up a little and try drop shotting over a series of bumps for a mixed bag with the remaining time. Almost instantly bass were coming on board and even a couple of decent walleye fell victim to the rig. We fished here for about 45 minutes before returning to the dock and calling it a day. I’m not sure exactly how many fish he tangled with but it was more than enough to keep two or three guys happy. He was only one! I think he left with intentions of returning for another trip later in the season as he mentioned a few friends that would love to come back with him. It can only get better when the lake peaks and these fish school up heavily for the summertime patterns. I hope he does return as he’ll once again be in smallie heaven!! The afternoon wasn’t wasted as Keith met me at the dock as soon as I got back from the morning trip. We agreed to head back to the drop shot area and continue where I had just left off. A few small bass and a couple of walleye were taken and then I decided to make a move. Back to the trolling area I went and with less floating weeds, we were able to concentrate on fishing. The giant mats of vegetation from the morning were all but gone and now there were just the grassy ones to bother with. The fishing wasn’t tremendous but we did catch a few bass and occasional walleye. Although I was marking plenty of decent arches, they just didn’t seem to want to eat. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon when the winds picked up that they actually came alive. It was as if someone flicked a light switch on. Big ones were eating the lures more than the medium ones and we had to throw several back before we filtered through some to eat. Keith wanted to have a couple for dinner and I didn’t think it would be a problem. When we finally got three, I pulled the plug and headed in. I’m sure that if we had of stayed on the water, plenty more fish would have cooperated. The bite was just starting to happen and we were heading off. Oh well, another time perhaps! I had been up since 4:30 this morning and was rather tired. My buddy would just have to agree to disagree and we called it a day. Overall, a productive day on the lake once more!!