Darren was back with me again today but this time he brought a guest. His son Ethan was to be at a day camp close by at 9, so we figured, why not get him a few fish before. Ethan was all for this and after reeling in 4 nice walleye, he wanted more. Looks like Darren might have to take him out more often now as he would rather have stayed on the lake with us. After we brought the little guy back in, we headed to an area close by and tried a little drop shotting. I was pretty sure it would be a tough bite as the wind was blowing NE at 10 knots or better and opposite the current flow. I was right, the surface water was moving us upstream and the baits were going the other direction. It wasn’t easy trying to keep a vertical presentation and once I got the speed correct with the kicker, we somehow started going sideways. Although Darren did have a couple of big fish hooked, the boat control was almost impossible and I pulled the plug in frustration. This area had been putting out plenty of quality bass and I wanted more, but it wasn’t going to happen today! We headed off to another area where we would be casting to shallower fish and began tossing jigs and spinnerbaits. There were a few smaller bass landed and then Darren locked up with a real dandy. This fish was big and pissed! After an incredible fight and some spectacular jumps, I slid the net under an almost 5 pound bruiser. To no surprise, it had buddies and now I really wanted more. Unfortunately the others scattered once we landed this one and were never to be seen again. We kept moving and managed to stumble into a small pod of walleye, catching 4 nice ones, as well as another smallie. Eventually we moved off and encountered a pod of smallmouth again and Darren was locked once more. The fish looked to be another big one and I concentrated on getting it in, despite all the followers that were with her. Once in the net we realized that it was almost as big as the previous one he landed and equally as impressive. I decided to toss a spinnerbait, to try & find the group once again and just about had the rod torn from my hands by a violent strike. As expected, this fish had the pod with it and Darren almost had another beauty that tried to eat his jig, twice. These fish are like ghosts on the flats. One minute you see them and the next, they’re gone! We too were gone as I had run out of the quality stuff holding these fish and decided to try another section of the lake. We would be drop shotting in deeper water and hopefully, a mixed bag would be caught. To our surprise, these fish were all on the smaller side, but really active. I don’t know how many we caught but the largest ones were just over 2 pounds. As the day was getting on, we saw that the clouds were starting to roll in pretty good and opted for a final location change. One more smallie spot and wouldn’t you know it, a walleye came in on a jig. As were nearing the end, Darren decided to keep this slot fish and hoped for one other to take home. After a few more smallies, I switched gears and set the lines for another quick troll nearby. One walleye coming up! Five minutes or so into the troll, I checked the lines and saw we had a hitch hiker. Darren reeled in the last fish of the day and the Walter joined his friend in the well. We were getting a light mist now and I knew the weather wasn’t going to get any better. We pulled the lines and headed back to the ramp, just in time for Darren to pick Ethan up from day camp. I think Ethan told everyone at camp that he had fished this morning as he was still excited. Looks like we may have another guest more often, or at least for a couple of hours before day camp starts!!