Another day with a big howl! It may have been less than the last couple of days, but it still blew at 20 or more knots. Tough to finesse with light presentations to say the least! We started out with a troll for some eyes and managed a couple, along with some pike of course. I switched it up a bit and hit another area after fighting the wind and tried for something larger. Bingo! Locked up with a healthy lunge and Ted’s personal best. Shortly after the release we decided to try for some bass and I took a beating on the electric motor trying to keep boat control in the open water. Ted missed several due to the wind but managed to land more than he lost. We jumped around a lot today and hit several non productive areas before returning to trolling late in the afternoon. He was hoping to take a few more walleye home and I knew just the spot. Whoever said walleye don’t fight needs to hook into a couple like we had today. these line screamers fought more like smallies than eyes. I really thought he was hooked into bass each time the reel howled. Fortunately for Ted, they weren’t and he was having fish for dinner. We ended it  after three more Walters and a good mix of fish for the day. Definitely not the easiest outing but a really productive one nonetheless!