Stephan was with me today after 3 previous failed attempts to fish. It was the first time that the weather actually looked like it was going to let us go and I was ready! We had decided early to try for sturgeon but I wasn’t sure how the winds were going to be. They were blowing 10 to 15 knots from the SW and likely increasing early in the morning, but we tried anyway. It was borderline but doable so I set up and we began the wait. Well it didn’t take long to get bit and Stephan was battling a smaller version of the beasts I was accustomed to seeing. He had landed many big ones with me before so I just did a net release instead of bringing it in the boat. We set right back up and managed a couple more fish in the next couple of hours along with many drive byes! Unfortunately the two fish he caught were a walleye & a smallie. With the winds intensifying and the anchor no longer holding, I decided to move. We had no choice but to go for smallies and walleye and hope it would lay down in the afternoon so we could get back. I liked the winds for what we were about to do, just not for anchoring! The drifts were a great speed over the areas we were fishing but Stephan was having a hard time with the drop shot. Eventually he did get hooked up with a good fish but managed to pull the hooks out while fighting it. I made a few casts with another presentation and immediately hooked up on a keeper walleye that made it into the livewell. Stephane had hoped to bring some fish home and it wouldn’t be a problem! Almost on the next cast, I hooked up again and this time it was a smallie over 3 pounds. Time to change presentations for Stephan and I handed him another rod to fish with instead. This was a little more complicated to show the technique to him and I needed to refine his presentation constantly. I had been demonstrating with my rod alongside and hooked several fish in the process while explaining it to him. One way or another he was going home with some fish! Eventually it clicked and he was able to hook into a bunch of bass & walleye and having a blast. I know he could have caught plenty more had we stayed on them, but the winds had diminished and we decided to try back for sturgeon once again. I raced over to the area and set the lines. The wind had definitely calmed some and the anchor had no problem holding now, giving me more confidence in getting bit. We had several bumps that looked like bites early but nothing to show for our efforts. It wasn’t until Stephane decided to take a little nap that things started to happen. I missed one on the set and 30 seconds later, loaded the rod, waking him from his sleep. We were locked up and it was heavy! I guess it was a good move coming back to try again when the winds diminished. I could tell by the way it was fighting that it was a good one but didn’t know how good. Some of the runs were long ones that peeled off almost 100 feet of line each time. No jumps but plenty of power and another one that decided to go over the anchor rope making me do a little shuffle, not to break the line. After about ten minutes we finally saw what he had and although it was a decent fish, it wasn’t a giant. I scooped it up and we took several pics before releasing her back. Stephan had requested to be back at the ramp around 3:00 so we set the lines back hoping for another bite. With one rod in hand and the other in the holder I saw his getting bit and told him to take it. Unfortunately he set on too much slack and the fish was gone. So were most of his worms as well when he reeled it in! We stayed about tem minutes more before calling the day. I’m sure that if we had of been able to remain anchored longer this morning, we would have gotten a few more fish here. Oh well, that’s the way it goes! At least I had a backup and we did return to get at least one good fish in the afternoon. Stephane was just happy to finally get out and relax from his busy work schedule. He was also going home with several fish to eat tonight. For once, “Mother Nature” didn’t crap all over him! We were finally able to get out after several failed attempts. I guess the fourth time was a charm!!