Glen was back today and this time he brought a couple of new faces with him. Adam and Chris were here to try and land a few sturgeon of their own after seeing all of Glen’s pics. Neither of them had ever caught anything like this and were really pumped! Our weather wasn’t the best for this type of fishing with giant winds from the SE gusting over 25 knots. In case that wasn’t difficult enough, it was going to rain all day too! We set up after several attempts to get the anchor stuck and Glen was into a fish within 3 minutes. I guess it’s doable! He passed the rod to Chris to fight, seeing as he was new to these fish and it beat him up pretty good. All of a sudden the rain & wind didn’t seem so bad! About ten minutes later, he was admiring his catch in the net. Soon after, several pics and a release had us right back in the game. Unfortunately we only managed a couple of smaller fish here and I realized that I needed to make another move and try to stick the anchor one more time. I marked a pile of fish and although we did catch two more good ones from here, it eventually started to slide and I relocated again. Even with two anchors, it was difficult to remain stationary but I finally found a good area with fish and it was locked! I wasn’t going to move for the remainder of the day, as the winds got even worse. By now they were sustained around 25 and gusting even stronger! Even with rods in hand, it was tough to feel any bites. Adam did have the hot hand however as he managed to set into several throughout the day. They were taking turns on the fish and many rotations were made with some really large ones being caught. In fact, they had a total of 3 double headers landed and another couple where one of the fish came unpinned during the fight. The fishing was spectacular despite all that Mother Nature could throw at us! Chris had several hookups on his own and also got to fight some really large fish too. Glen was also managing to load his rod often and was responsible for a few of the double headers. In fact, he even landed his PB with a real beast of a fish. Everyone fought and landed many of their own fish today as well as being handed rods from others hooking up. It was a team effort and this was the A Team! Throughout the day we saw plenty of aerial leaps, line screaming runs and painful faces making this one of the best fishing days for everyone. We held in there right up till about 4:00 and they caught fish the entire day long. Plenty of memories and pictures to preserve their day were made while fighting the elements, as well as all the fish. I know that if the sturgeon season was to remain open longer that I would definitely have them back for one more kick at the can. Even in the worst possible conditions, we managed to make this a very successful day of fishing. Everyone left with a sense of fulfillment as well as a few more sore muscles from all their battles. Tomorrow I will be back out searching for more of these dinosaurs on one of the final days of their season. With Monday being the last day, I want to take advantage of the remaining time and apparently so do others as I had no trouble booking the remaining days. Hopefully there will be more of these giants landed too!!