September 11th 2017


Jeff, Nick and his father Denis were with me for sturgeon today. We headed out at 7:00 and set up in an area hoping for a few bites. Although I was marking plenty of fish, they just didn’t seem very hungry and in the first several hours, all we had to show for our efforts was a lousy rock bass!

Late in the morning, things started to turn around and they finally started to bite. The first fish unfortunately stayed pinned for about 5 seconds, before the line went slack. I reset the line and not long after, Jeff was into a nice one. Several jumps and an insane spiraling on the line shortened the length of the battle. The fish had wrapped itself tightly and Jeff reeled it right to the net. I don’t think he had more than 3 minutes fight time! It went insane while in the net after I cut the line and untangled the mess. A few quick pics and back she went no worse for wear!

I was hoping for a rotation and fortunately we got it. Nick fought and landed a smaller one and his dad also brought an even smaller one to net not long after. We had completed what we had come for and now I wanted more! Bigger was next, or so I hoped!

After a few missed strikes, Jeff set into another decent fish that seemed even bigger than his first. It too took to the air and made a couple of spectacular leaps, that made it look even larger. This one gave him a great battle! What I had thought was giant however, was only long. Once in the net I realized that the girth was much smaller than his first and although heavier, it would have been giant if it was as wide. Regardless, still a great fish and an awesome fight!

As we were now getting more bites, I thought we’d stick it out a little longer and see if we could complete another rotation. It didn’t take long and Nick was tight to his second fish after missing a couple of strikes before. Although not a beast, it was still larger than his first one and made for a great fight. His dad wasn’t as lucky however as his second fish was a drum and he wanted no part of that pic. We stayed a little longer to see if we could get him another but it never happened. Six fish but one was a junk fish. Two if you count the rock bass earlier this morning!

With less than an hour remaining in the day, we pulled the plug on the sturgeon and tried for something smaller. Walleye was what we were after and a few of them were landed. Unfortunately only one turned out to be a keeper and was eventually returned back like the others. Nick did manage to catch a decent northern though that made for an interesting fight. We all thought it was a big eye and were a little disappointed when it came to the net.

We had focussed almost all of our attention today on getting sturgeon and managed to have a pretty good day in the process. A number of bites were missed and some decent fish were landed making for a very successful day. Hopefully the next outing will be even better when I head back looking for another giant dinosaur. I know it’s just a matter of time!