As I only had an afternoon booking today, I decided to head out this morning with Christiane. It would be her first time this season! We didn’t rush to get on the water and launched around 8:30, heading straight to a new area to fish. I had been wanting to check several places, but needed my time to get it done. I never use clients time to explore! I set her up with a drop shot rig and not long after, she missed her first fish. Soon after though she locked up on a nice smallie and was thrilled to have it too. This would be the first fish she had fought all season and it would also make for a great pic. I netted her catch and she held it for a few pictures before being released. Back at it, she landed a couple more before we moved to another area nearby.

This place also hadn’t been touched all season and in a short period while covering it, we only landed a few small fish. We quickly moved to another spot to check it out too!

I decided to slide up shallow and search for schooling bass over flats with blades. We both tossed them in order to cover water, hoping for a few crushing strikes. I did have one that tried to rip the rod from my hands but the line snapped at the bait and I was left with a slack line. None too happy I retied another and we resumed our search once again. A little further I had another taker and this one stayed pinned! A chunky bass, but he was alone! I almost expected to see several others when I hooked up, but he was solo. I had another explosion on the lure and saw one other fish before I slid into an area I was sure should have some fish.

Before we started casting, I decided to text my client for the afternoon to see how much time we had left to fish. As expected, he said that he wouldn’t be able to make it! Not surprising but a little disappointing! We would be able to continue fishing as I had nowhere else to be, anymore! Back to the task at hand, fishing!

Christiane was immediately crushed on her blade bait and it was a good one once again. Time for another pic before a release and hopes were high for more! We covered the area and managed to get a few more smaller ones and several walleye as well. Looks like we’re having fish for dinner! Along with plenty of bites, there were also some big eyes and several more quality smallies landed. Christiane caught one of her better ones on a drop shot while I was unhooking an over sized walleye. This told me that there were plenty of fish in this area to be caught. We stuck it out for a little longer before the bugs and heat just got the better of us and we called it a day. That and a damn bass boat that just had to check us out! This a hole idled a long way over to see what we were fishing and got close enough to be able to blindly punch in a waypoint for future fishing. I freaking hate these guys that think it’s alright to get everything for free! This is the main reason why I don’t tournament fish anymore! New generation of tournament fishermen, wow! We waited until he was gone and then headed back to take out.

Being the weekend and an absolutely beautiful summer day, I expected the worse at the dock. Fortunately, although bad, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been and I was able to take out quickly. We had a great time on the water landing loads of fish and Christiane finally got out! Except for the incident on the water, it was a perfect day. We had a mostly relaxing time and caught many fish in the process. Oh yeah and nobody got hurt!