The final day with Rick & his brother Danny saw us focussing all of our attention on smallmouth. We hooked up shortly after 7:00 and headed directly to bass area to fish. I hoped that the fish would be there! Danny confirmed that they were when he hooked up on one of his first casts. Ironically, it turned out to be the biggest fish of the day, but we weren’t to know it yet. They both caught several fish in this area before we were forced to move due to the winds. They had increased and were blowing around 20 knots from the SW, sustained. Gusts were over 30 and it really put a damper on what we were doing and where. We had to relocate!

I decided to head to a more sheltered area and despite the winds still blowing, they were a lot less. They continued casting for the bass and picked a few more but I wasn’t satisfied with their results. I grabbed another rod and started working something different and locked up on my very first cast. Time for them to change! I had to instruct them on what to do but after several missed fish, they caught on. It was at this point, that they would be hooking fish with more consistency. I moved around and each time someone was locked up, I hit the anchor button to hold in the area. They pounded on the fish each and every time I did this and the numbers started to climb. I really love this feature on the motor! Whenever the fish stopped biting, I released the hold and found another place to stop. This went on for the remainder of the day with fish after fish coming aboard. They had to get on the road a little earlier today to head home so we called the day sometime around 2:00. It didn’t matter as they had more action today than the last two days combined! Nobody knows exactly how many fish were landed but that’s not a bad thing. They both caught plenty of bass and Rick even landed a small musky in the mix. They left completely satisfied and that’s all that counts!

In the three days of fishing, we had focussed our efforts on giants the first day. Walleye the second day and smallies on the third day. All three days were successful with today being the best of all. They had wanted to end with a bang and today they absolutely crushed them! Big fish and high numbers too. Who could ask for anything more? Definitely a great day for fishing!