After a couple of successful days prior to today with friends, I was back out with Phil for more smallie action. I began with a demonstration cast, showing him how to work the bait and was locked up immediately! It’s always nice when the fish cooperate! It didn’t take long after the release for Phil to hook up as well and I knew there would be many more. We fished the area for well over an hour and had plenty of hookups, with most being lost during the fight. I wasn’t sure what was happening but at least we landed many as well.

Our next area also produced lots of action and a good number of bass were landed despite more losses. I wasn’t sure why and tried to make adjustments to change our landing ratio. Unfortunately throughout the day, the same thing continued to happen making it very frustrating. If we had of caught all the fish we actually had on, it would have been an absolutely unbelievable day! We did slow down a bit and upped our percentage of fish coming to the boat in the afternoon, but were still dropping a good number. Hooks were plenty sharp so I knew that wasn’t the problem! Must have been the other end of the rod I guess!

With plenty of places being fished today, we were always on fish. Although I would have liked to move around more, the number of boats on the water didn’t allow me that luxury. We could only fish places that weren’t occupied already, but still fended quite well. Big fish were landed today, but no real giants!

Despite tomorrow’s sub zero weather forecast, there will still be plenty more days that are fishable. I’m hoping that this arctic blast leaves as fast as it comes in, because I may have to cancel some of my bookings, starting this weekend. Unfortunately I have no control over the weather and safety always comes first. I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be one of those days and called on account of wind and cold. Let’s just hope that the winds drop & Saturday isn’t the same! This is football season and there’s plenty of them to be caught!